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The Hard Life (btw please only read if you are older than 10)

Posted about 7 months by NaeNaeRules

The Beginning
Ring, Ring, Ring.
First Period had started
You are probably wondering how this all began so let me start from the beginning... One night without any warning at all my mother told us to get in the car and take all of our belongings with us. We were all sceptical in why she had asked us to gather all of our belongings and get in the car but something told me that this wasn’t good.
When we arrived at our destination something was strange, the area was dark and gloomy covered with dead vines and paths leading to nowhere. Where we trapped? I thought gloomily. After getting a look around the place we entered an almost collapsing shack, and to my surprise it was filled to the brim with starving, helpless people, there were even children! The only thing I couldn’t understand was, why did we have to come here and leave our magical house. I just didn’t know why. When we entered Mum told us to stick together and make friends with some of the other children here. When I asked her why we were here she said I wouldn’t understand, that it was too complicated...
I woke up with a start thinking that I was still at home living a normal life, when I got back to reality. I was stuck. I had to go to a new school, but I didn’t have a uniform so I had to go in what I wore to bed last night, which was annoying because I was sleeping under my brother and I think he blew a snot bubble or two last night. Ugh! When I entered the school everything seemed normal except for one thing, that was ME.
Ring, Ring, Ring
First Period had started and I was already late!
My classroom was B46 Section 2.45 which I had no idea where it was, I had a map but that was pretty useless since I didn’t know where I was anyway.
I had finally found my way to the right classroom about 20 minutes into the lesson so I tried to slip in without anyone noticing but it was too late I already had a nickname, “ Hey New Kid, why aren’t you wearing the school uniform are you POOR?” Shouted a kid in the front row wearing a bright red cap with the words: Later Losers or the back of it. “ Hey Newbie, what’s your name?” Called out a girl with brown hair and crystal earrings. These people are different I thought. ‘’M m...my name is Rachel” I answered quietly
“ Are you Jewish?” The same boy as before shouted out. This was why I was here, to escape, escape from the WAR! “ I.. I’m not sure” I exclaimed with a stumble, I couldn’t let them know I was Jewish. Not now.


Chapter 2

Chapter 2- Secret Identity

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