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One's Mind and Imagination

Posted about 7 months by BabyMiracle83

Drawn to the book he loves the most, he dares to get rid of it. Drawings and sketches sprawled out across the coffee table. His imagination runs wild, the skies in his mind turn to blue instead of gray. No longer showing a hint or speck of red. His book is coming to life, and he pictures the characters in his mind as if he were the characters. No more crumpled up and wasted paper. No more grumpy faces and signs of sadness. No more attitude and moody looks, just a simple, loving kid, with good humor and a bright, fixed, and perfect smile. He had no intentions of dating girls, mostly because he was only 12 and he was always fixed into an interesting book. Didn’t matter to him too much about the title or the author, as long as it fit him and his personality, and it was appropriate, and he could actually learn something from it. He could finish a book in at least 3 days to a week and the librarian at his school was so nice and welcoming that she would let him come in and read a new book everyday. Monsters, wizards, goons, and cyclops, it doesn’t matter.
Page after page he reads not skipping any lines not skipping a word. He’s an eighth-grader reading at a tenth-grade level. Reading at a pace too fast too strong. He could be sitting in his room, sitting on his bed, sitting on his couch, sitting on the edge of a cliff. He doesn’t have technology and he doesn’t want it anyways because his books are too important to just throw away. He has thousands of books in his room and reads them thousands of times but when it comes to his favorite book Charlie and the chocolate factory he would never want to put that book down.

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