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Posted about 7 months by BlackWolfee

Dusty and streaked, the sky showed not much light, and thick, oily clouds smothered the stars. Barely able to shove its light through, the silver, shining moon tried to light the miserable, grey sky. Under its thin glow the muddy children, one girl, one boy, both ragged and marked with dirt, shuffled towards each other, using the shadows covering the land and the wounded, limping soldiers surrounding them to conceal themselves. Meeting each other, they stopped and sat, cross legged.
"Hello," said the girl.
"Hello," replied the boy.
For a second they sat there in perfect, comfortable silence until the boy spoke up.
"Mummy always said you Turks'd kill me the second they laid eyes on me."
"Well she certainly isn't wrong" replied the girl.
Once again the perfect silence returned, only broken by the wind.
"Don't you think it's stupid?" The girl spoke again, "I mean, all this fighting and shooting each other and losing lives for what?"
"I thought you guys started it anyway," replied the boy.
"I thought you guys started it."
It was an interestingly lonely sound, the wind, a hollow whistling over the grey landscape. Almost, thought the girl, as if the dead soldiers where singing their mournful song for the rest to hear.
"We could try to stop it," suggested the boy.
"We should try to stop it," replied the girl.
Neither of them knew how to, so they just sat.
Giving up the moon sank down as the sun fought its way up, and the colours of its struggles streaked the sky.
"We should go," said the boy.
"It was nice meeting you," replied the girl, and with that they both stood up, shook hands and walked away.
Blowing its mournful song, the wind swept over the flat, dull landscape, empty but for the bodies that littered the ground and the mounds of dirt in the distance that represented where trenches had been dug.

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