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The Moment You Came

Posted about 7 months by BabyMiracle83

I know I'm not lost and I know that I'm found, just if I follow the music I follow the sound. The sound of your beating heart, You fell for me from the beginning the start, I needed someone I was falling down, nw your hear yes you came around.

You saved my life and now I'm alive, You say you'll be here by my side. The angel, the angel, the angel of my broken heart, the fire the fire, lit from lonely spark. Oh, the moment you came, the moment you came, and saved me from my pain.

The moment you came, the moment you came, the moment I felt like I was sane. The time it's been since I since I was alone, you gave me your heart, gave me your love, now together we're known. Iiiiiiiiii, fell for you, yeah, Iiiiiiii fell for you.

Loving you loving me, oh, that's all we do. Not alone, not unknown, not afraid, not dismayed. Open arms, open ears, listening to our songs and showing tears. But when I'm with you, when I'm with you. I'm not alone, I'm not scared, I'm love to do.

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