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The day mount tambora erupted...

Posted about 7 months by DYLSIm101

Me and my friends went on a holiday trip to Sumbawa island, Indonesia.
We didn't know that there was a Stratovolcano ready to erupt there. We spent a couple of days in a luxury resort, on the last day (we spent there) they led a tour around Sumbawa Island. Finally, the day came, me and my friends were excited, unaware that a Stratovolcano was going to erupt that day, they led us around the town, and showed us places like Bima, Taliwing, etc. Then they took us around mount tambora, and then we hiked up to the slope, unaware it was a Stratovolcano. We had parachutes because we were going to jump off and skydive 200 m something up, once we reached the middle, the ground started to shake! Once we nearly up at the top, the volcano erupted. me, my friends, the other people and the tour guide, ran down the mountain, we made it out alive, but a rockfall had happened and there was a boulder blocking our path, luckily there was a slope were we could skydive off, once we reached the bottom, we ran to the airport, bought tickets and flew home, (except the tour guide, I don't know what happened to him) Once me and my friends got home, we quickly switched on the news and learned half of the island was destroyed! After that, my friends went home

The End

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