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Welcome to the Kidzworld forums, where you can feel free to express your free-spirited self and talk about your favourite subjects, as well as topics like sports, politics, music, and animals—and there’s more! Like any social network, there are rules about posting, you can read them here. So go ahead and join the fun with old friends or meet new ones in the Kidzworld forums.

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Forums FAQ

  • Q:What is the Kidzworld Forum?
  • A: Kidzworld Forum is a place for kids ages 9-16 to share their thoughts and discuss various topics. From celebs, music, and animals to politics, games, and sports, the kids are invited to engage and talk to each other in a safe environment. Kidzworld Forum is just one part of the wholesome fun that is offered for all Kidzworld members.
  • Q: What is the Kidzworld Forum's mission?
  • A: Kidzworld Forum’s mission is to provide a space for kids to freely express themselves. They can talk about whatever they want (within some common sense rules). It’s a place that’s meant to foster friendships, fun, and great conversations. Kids can explore articles on their favorite topics and start new threads to spark conversation. Wherever they choose to explore, there are friends from all over the world who are waiting to get in touch.
  • Q: What happens in the Kidzworld Forum?
  • A: Kidzworld Forum includes categories such as celebs, music, and animals to politics, games, and sports. Within these, kids can post new threads asking questions or inviting others for a discussion. They can also reply to active threads and engage in interesting conversations. On the front page, kids can see recommended and popular posts for the day, as well as posts that are favorites among their friends.
  • Q:How to join the Kidzworld Forum?
  • A: It’s super simple! To start posting in the Kidzworld Forum, you need to become a Kidzworld Member. Simply go to the front page and register your account. Once set up, you can use your login info and password to access your account at any time, by clicking the Login button.
  • Q: Is it safe to use the Kidzworld Forum for kids?
  • A: It’s 100% safe to use not only the Kidzworld Forum but all other features of the Kidzworld too. As a space designed with kids in mind, we take their safety very seriously. The Kidzworld Forum is moderated by a fully active team of moderators, who monitor all activity. They are always on the lookout for anything inappropriate or dangerous, and they are here to protect your kids and ensure a fun and safe environment while they use the Kidzword Forum. Rules prohibit sharing personal data, making fake accounts, trolling, drugs, alcohol, online dating… In short, any online activity that could pose a danger to children.
  • Q: What activities does the Kidzworld forum include?
  • A: Once you become a registered Kidzworld Member, you can post new threads, reply on active ones, share posts, and rate all forums, threads, and posts. Kids can browse popular topics, post videos and pictures, have fun conversations in threads, and learn new information in every post. Plus, they can make friends and have a fun time together learning and chatting!
  • Q: What are the ways kids are using technology to communicate in the Kidzworld Forum?
  • A: To access the Kidzworld Forum, kids can use their phones, computer, or tablet. Whatever technology the kids choose, the Kidzworld Forum functions well and offers all the features. It’s a joy to be a member, from any device!
  • Q: What are the benefits of Kidzworld Forum?
  • A: Kidzworld Forum is a place where kids can come together to chat, learn, and have fun. They can meet new friends and expand their horizons. With many active threads on a variety of topics, they will be able to engage in positive online conversations about their favorite subjects. Kidzworld Forum allows kids to express themselves freely and state their opinions and thoughts on a wide variety of topics. And if they can’t find the topic they want to talk about, they can always make a new thread and spark the conversation! The best part of the Kidzworld Forum is meeting new friends and having fun times together.
  • Q: What age was the Kidzworld Forum designed for?
  • A: Kidzworld Forum was designed for kids ages 9 to 16. It gives them a safe space where they can express themselves and easily make friends. The Kidzworld Forum is moderated by an active team of adult and junior moderators, who ensure that all content is kid-friendly, fun, and safe.
  • Q: Who manages and facilitates the Kidzworld Forum?
  • A: Our team of moderators oversees, manages, and facilitates conversations and activity in the Kidzworld Forum. They ensure that everything stays safe and fun for the kids. We also have junior moderators who help in managing the forum. We also have administrators, who set up rules and ensure that everything is running smoothly so the kids can post and reply to threads with ease.