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If you love baseball or softball, then this is the place for you! Chat about your favorite team or let everyone know what position you play, if it's about baseball or softball this is the place for you.

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do you hate base ball

Last post by comali672

2,752 Views 10 Posts

Created By Chat4Life on April 01, 2016

Who is your favorite baseball player?

Last post by horsegirl14

11,343 Views 30 Posts

Created By TaNet2165_2056873 on July 04, 2012

Advice on Pitching or Sliding

Last post by Ball_Till_I_Fall_...

3,435 Views 8 Posts

Created By BaseballGirl on June 11, 2015


Do you like Baseball ⚾️

Last post by Cool_Dude1

1,097 Views 1 Post

Created By Cool_Dude1 on October 07, 2016


Softball vs. Baseball

Last post by 9bella

22,373 Views 161 Posts

Created By PrettyLittleAlly12_1385154 on May 09, 2010


omg yankees rules

Last post by TornadoJoplin

2,407 Views 7 Posts

Created By kateishot_1861824 on August 03, 2011


favorite baseball team

Last post by Indianamagic

1,581 Views 6 Posts

Created By awesomedude428 on June 29, 2015

Baseball for girls!!! what's ur opinion???

Last post by Jeterfan14_2754562

1,934 Views 4 Posts

Created By scarlet177 on November 05, 2015


who better derek jeter or babe ruth

Last post by yellowgiraffe

2,877 Views 4 Posts

Created By cowboys19_1691103 on March 10, 2011


wat team better yankees or redsoxs

Last post by yellowgiraffe

7,631 Views 46 Posts

Created By cowboys19_1691103 on March 10, 2011


Hitting or fielding?

Last post by Baseballrocks05

1,411 Views 1 Post

Created By Baseballrocks05 on August 03, 2015


can chicks play Baseball?

Last post by Jeterfan14_2754562

3,741 Views 15 Posts

Created By ZThumper on August 11, 2012



Last post by MaDaRaHeCk

14,075 Views 116 Posts

Created By diego822 on September 05, 2011



Last post by BaseballGirl

2,497 Views 6 Posts

Created By lily_flower12_2534529 on August 19, 2013


Favirote BaseBall Team

Last post by BaseballGirl

4,411 Views 29 Posts

Created By call_of_duty_dude_2474312 on May 28, 2013


Do you like baseball?

Last post by BaseballGirl

1,758 Views 7 Posts

Created By wreastlingfan619 on July 14, 2014

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