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Boys and Mental Illness

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Posted 8 months ago

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Hello! My names VK.
What I see in this forum is a lot of shaming girls for showing feeling and worrying about their appearance, and that scares me. This is gonna talk a lot about the stigma around men showing feeling and abuse towards men and signs of mental illness.
Before I start on a rant just know I have mental health issues. I have struggled with both bulimia and anorexia, PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, aspergers, ADHD, bipolar-like symptoms, psychosis(both hallucinations and delusions), gender dysphoria, and severe depressive episodes. I have been abused in more ways than one by more than one person. I think I have now been abused everyway but verbally. 

I see a lot of people, even on here. talk about how they hate the sensitivity girls show. Like it is something only girls experience. Men are expected to not show emotion and to be violent.A lot of times you will see people shame men for coming forward about being abuse or r-ped or something, because they should be able to fight back. I can tell you men and this includes young boys can be abused. They have feelings too and it shouldn't be so highly stigmatized. I know my share of boys who have eating disorders, who have depression, and who have been abused but are too scared to come forward about it. Someone I dated was physically and verbally abused by his mom and older brother. He couldn't come forward to talk about it, because when men come forward about abuse they get laughed at. Only recently have I came out to say I was abused. I was emotionally and physically anused by a girl. I know it is expected that I could stop it or fight back. I can't she was so much stronger than I am. I was s-xually abused by a 37 year old. I just this year have started talking about how this affected me, what it did to me. 

I also see that men are overlooked with self confidence issues. That they are being too girly. Another problematic concept, that showing emotion or caring about your appearance is only for girls. That you can't be upset with how you look. I see so many times that boys with depression are just told to suck it up and stop being girly. Men, boys, people of the male gender whatever you want to say have feelings too. Everyone does, A boy with anorexia is just as valid and is suffering just as much as a girl with anorexia. The success rate for suicide is much higher in males. Men have mental illness, men cam be abused, men can have feelings, and you can care about your appearance. We should stop shaking these behaviors and instead let men get help. Let them be just as emotional as girls.

Thanks for reading.

~ VK

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