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Fave Yu-Gi-Oh God Card?

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Posted 11 months ago

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Default girl
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too hard

serene niall

Posted 11 months ago

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Hmm...let's see.

Ra was used by Marik and he'd bring it back SO. MANY. TIMES!
Obelisk was used by Seto, though I think he might've had a little  too ​ much fun with it.
Slifer was used by Strings, the silent one. But then Yami/Yugi won it so ULTIMATE HAPPINESS FROM FANGIRLING!

​Hmm...I do believe mine would be Slifer the Sky Dragon. (Also known as The Sky Dragon Slifer in the manga series.)

Yami and Yugi Hugging!!
Best Collage Ever About Pharaoh/Yami/Atem!!
Ha Ha Ha! Seto would NEVER say this! That

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