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Who is your favorite celebrity or celebrity crush?

Celebs cartoon
Posted about 1 month ago

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1. Which one, crush or celebrity? celebrity & crush
2. What is his/her name? Shawn Mendes
3. How old is he/she? 22
4. What country is he/she situated? Canada
5.If crush, why do u like the person? just look at him and he is super sweet
6. If favourite, what interests you in him/her? He writes great music

Posted 26 days ago

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1. Celebs
2.Riele downs
3.19 years 
4.she leaves in USA
5. She is super hot, beautiful and cute

Posted 4 days ago

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1.  Celebrity and crush.
2. Angelina Jolie.
3. She's 45 years old.
4. United States.
5. She's so beautiful outside and inside and she's an amazing actress.
6. Her acting, she's a really nice person and her smile.