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do you think climate change is real

By WESSSS on June 25, 2019

108 Views 4 Posts

Last post by MidnightPuppy999

Debate on flat earth

By Tennis123 on April 22, 2019

1,445 Views 91 Posts

Last post by icequeen444

should students be paid for getting a's?

By foxsim on January 29, 2019

425 Views 14 Posts

Last post by MidnightPuppy999

Should Abortion be illegal?

By SageModeToes on February 15, 2019

1,850 Views 104 Posts

Last post by Albinoturtle

PewDiePie or T-Series?

By VectorMoon1 on May 20, 2019

160 Views 3 Posts

Last post by thebonecrusher

Is Reincarnation Real?

By MissCupcake on May 11, 2019

198 Views 5 Posts

Last post by smart892

Can boys be feminim

By smiggle0890_2110807 on October 14, 2017

5,298 Views 217 Posts

Last post by SmartSunnyShadow

Should we populate Mars?????

By AlbumNixCadere on May 09, 2019

140 Views 4 Posts

Last post by Schmoodled123

Debate on Abortion and Euthenasia

By Merios on April 23, 2019

199 Views 5 Posts

Last post by Merios

Should Marriage Stay Around?

By Merios on April 22, 2019

171 Views 1 Post

Last post by Merios

Is water wet?

By Akemi110 on April 13, 2019

194 Views 5 Posts

Last post by Wooper1255

Is mental health real or just feelings?

By DuncanDonuts on February 16, 2019

533 Views 17 Posts

Last post by Kairos

Favourite band?

By Erika230 on February 25, 2019

241 Views 10 Posts

Last post by nqme

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Rules Of Debating

By -Ramones- on November 08, 2011

76,965 Views 140 Posts

Last post by Boysrock50_2242389

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