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Is torturing justified when dealing with terrorists?

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Posted 11 months ago

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Torture is never justified, in my opinion. Everyone else who had that same opinion basically stated all the reasons that I believe makes it wrong; it's just a waste of time and resources to take someone out of the world that way, so why not end it quickly?

By doing exactly what terrorists are doing and justifying it with the reasoning that we need to return the favor, we're just re-using the old childhood excuse "He did it, so it must be okay if I do it, too." No matter how evil a human acts, it's immoral to torture them.

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Posted 11 months ago

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"Boo-Boo" wrote:

Most of these terrorists in my opinion have no souls. Heck with some of the evil things they have done to these poor people they can't have souls so torturing them wouldn't make a bit of difference in my opinion. Also a lot of them as said in other posts blow themselves up anyway so torturing wouldn't work then either.

 these people do not see themselves as evil and they honestly believe they are doing the right thing and answering for their god. they don't understand what they're doing is wrong and immoral.

Posted 11 months ago

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They may not see what they are doing as evil but it is still evil.

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