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Last post by cdtwashere

Created By MidnightPuppy999 on May 20, 2019

459 Views 4 Posts

What should I select?

Last post by Sahansa

Created By Sahansa on September 09, 2019

141 Views 1 Post

FIFA Women’s World Cup

Last post by WESSSS

Created By MidnightPuppy999 on July 08, 2019

2,030 Views 2 Posts

YOu WaTcH tHe MaTcHe

Last post by asmA123

Created By asmA123 on May 29, 2019

403 Views 3 Posts

At what age you started swimming?-moved

Last post by MidnightPuppy999

Created By juliamarshall on December 14, 2018

874 Views 14 Posts


Last post by bullundusi

Created By bullundusi on February 25, 2019

428 Views 3 Posts

What Was Your Favorite Olyimpic Sport?

Last post by Ice-cream937

Created By Cool_Dude1 on August 27, 2016

2,083 Views 7 Posts

why do u play ur fav sport and what is it

Last post by Ice-cream937

Created By laurenzside on May 28, 2018

1,290 Views 6 Posts

Debate: What sport is the best?

Last post by Mmfg141

Created By SparrowsInGreece on May 13, 2018

1,674 Views 15 Posts

how many sports do you do ?

Last post by ImperfectlyPerfect

Created By bepfan123_594933 on May 27, 2006

16,935 Views 88 Posts

What your favourite sport

Last post by FlewtheCoop

Created By MeowHelloKitty on October 28, 2018

431 Views 5 Posts

What sport do you hate?!

Last post by minha

Created By MairiStarz_2398905 on July 11, 2013

5,435 Views 35 Posts

Hockey or Swimming

Last post by Piperazzi

Created By Chat4Life on March 31, 2016

2,088 Views 13 Posts

Where do u swim?

Last post by Piperazzi

Created By coolkid84 on July 22, 2018

384 Views 3 Posts

Debatable sports

Last post by Tarynitup

Created By hippiehusky on May 03, 2018

516 Views 4 Posts

What is your favorite sport??

Last post by Tarynitup

Created By BookWorm86 on July 07, 2016

3,990 Views 29 Posts

Would you Run,Ride a bicycle OR Walk?

Last post by rainbowpoptart_26...

Created By saturn3 on December 13, 2017

701 Views 5 Posts

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2014 Olympics Thread

Last post by selfieboy

Created By Kidzworld News on February 07, 2014

4,313 Views 5 Posts
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JiMi and Rugby Experts advise please

Last post by RawrSkittles=)

Created By hugebear on January 29, 2012

16,332 Views 21 Posts
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NEW AND OLD USERS READ! How to chat/post on Kidzworld!

Last post by chocoholic-girl_8...

Created By admin-l on February 23, 2007

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