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Family Issues

Problems at home? Can’t seem to get along with your sibs? Get help now!

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My Rant To Parents Across America

Last post by Valoniak34_2826448

952 Views 3 Posts

Created By HannahG_2807847 on April 20, 2015

I cant even talk in my own room

Last post by Drreamygirl1

470 Views 4 Posts

Created By NotNick on March 05, 2019

i live in a famly 8

Last post by MidnightPuppy999

324 Views 3 Posts

Created By WESSSS on June 23, 2019

My First Love My Parents

Last post by asmA123

184 Views 1 Post

Created By asmA123 on June 23, 2019

my dad has cheated, my mom won't let go

Last post by WESSSS

571 Views 3 Posts

Created By kara- on July 22, 2018

Who you more afraid of? Mom? or Dad?

Last post by WESSSS

20,928 Views 275 Posts

Created By ObeyMySwag_1953370 on November 21, 2011


Last post by Drreamygirl1

1,973 Views 5 Posts

Created By soccer1662-l on June 27, 2005

Missing family from another country

Last post by MidnightPuppy999

287 Views 2 Posts

Created By happymink on April 01, 2019

My dad

Last post by TweenTomboy

417 Views 2 Posts

Created By Insp_Ace on March 26, 2019

My mom is really sick

Last post by Jdoglondon

1,613 Views 19 Posts

Created By LisBird on February 27, 2018

My sis is annoying

Last post by Jdoglondon

534 Views 7 Posts

Created By iCupcakeYum on April 09, 2018

My mom is not letting me shave!

Last post by Kairos

293 Views 3 Posts

Created By catsarecool474 on January 01, 2019

My mum

Last post by Abbergrl

356 Views 3 Posts

Created By LisBird on July 15, 2018

Trapped at work

Last post by Kirsteeeeen

543 Views 2 Posts

Created By Lavenderdaz on June 27, 2018

My dad threatens to hit me, what should I do?

Last post by JO16

3,147 Views 10 Posts

Created By MarcusSmith on November 09, 2017

i hate my life...

Last post by WarriorWolf

2,062 Views 15 Posts

Created By BrattyBrunette-l on July 01, 2006

My mom hates me

Last post by heckinmemes

1,031 Views 4 Posts

Created By _Peachfuzz on July 03, 2017

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dealing with the loss of someone close


9,418 Views 17 Posts

Created By donteatcarrots on October 03, 2015

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NEW AND OLD USERS READ! How to chat/post on Kidzworld!

Last post by reecebryar1

21,846 Views 12 Posts

Created By admin-l on February 23, 2007

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