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My mom doesn't pay attention to me anymore

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Posted about 6 years ago

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My mom has a boyfriend and he was spend the night for a month! I really don't like him. And when he's over my mom doesn't spend time with me and we don't talk to each other anymore. All she cares about is him. The only time me and her talk is when dinner is ready. I try to talk to her about how I feel but she just gets mad. She'll do anything for him. Like if he wants a sandwich,  she'll make it for him. But if I want one, she'll tell me to make it myself. I ask her when he will go and stay at his house for a while but she says he can stay as long as he wants. She doesn't  understand that the reason I cry is because I love her but she ignores me. Im always in my room either playing on my phone,Xbox, computer, or I'm playing with my dog. I really wish she would spend time with me.  Worried

Posted about 6 years ago

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i know how you feel my sister just gave birth now its just like im invisible. this may sound like daft and sloppy but just go up to her say you love her and hug her stuff like that. you can even try watching a movie with her, or go out for like .. u know, a girly night out.

                                              well hope this helps good luck smile

Posted about 6 years ago

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I feel invisible sometimes too.
My sister gets the money, better b-day presents and stuff
Mum always gives her a hug and I always get told of for just calling her a loser.
When I get told off I try to make a card to give it to her but I don't know whether she cares or not.
Don't worry
And as you said np123, a girly night out is a good Idea
Sometimes my dad gets annoyed with mum and I am always involed
We are just growing up and sometimes are mum misses us so much from when we were a little kid, she just decides to go to the other kid and give her respect.
Don't get upset about it


Posted about 6 years ago

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Above me are 2  really good advice..... follow that and you will probably be alright....





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Jin young

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Posted about 6 years ago

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i know my mom doesnt either sometimes because she always goes after my bro
try to tell your mom you need to talk`. maybe when ur mums boyfriend is at work or somethin 
tell her that u feel left out and u dont like that guy
if she doesnt listen then ignore her for a while
i know it sounds mean but when she stays without you giving her attention then she'll start realising that she loves you more then that guy
whenever you have to do something that ur mum normally does and  but u also know how to do, do it urself
i hope this works

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