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Family Issues

Problems at home? Can’t seem to get along with your sibs? Get help now!

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My dad

Last post by princess121

Created By Hippie Girl-l on July 18, 2005

2,361 Views 12 Posts

any 1 lyk me?

Last post by -Frank--l

Created By portercheergal3 on July 21, 2005

1,695 Views 5 Posts

Sibling Problems,annoying,"THE CENTER OF ATTENTION"?

Last post by Miss_Hercules

Created By Miss_Hercules on August 02, 2005

1,030 Views 1 Post


Last post by hyper4life-l

Created By simplegrl-l on July 25, 2005

1,521 Views 4 Posts


Last post by hyper4life-l

Created By East_Girl-l on July 21, 2005

4,444 Views 33 Posts

hey everybody

Last post by dunkel-l

Created By dunkel-l on July 29, 2005

1,769 Views 1 Post

step-mom is a terror

Last post by GreenDayRoxx

Created By brattyangel910-l on July 17, 2005

2,769 Views 2 Posts

He is making me choose...

Last post by 16daredevil

Created By Emily Dickens-l on June 05, 2005

2,470 Views 16 Posts


Last post by princess winner_3...

Created By Satan God-l on June 19, 2005

2,119 Views 3 Posts

i just cant get along

Last post by weirdo4everKris

Created By queen kimbo-l on June 17, 2005

2,142 Views 2 Posts

My Uncle

Last post by weirdo4everKris

Created By princess winner_346812 on June 11, 2005

1,777 Views 2 Posts

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dealing with the loss of someone close


Created By donteatcarrots on October 03, 2015

10,052 Views 17 Posts
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NEW AND OLD USERS READ! How to chat/post on Kidzworld!

Last post by reecebryar1

Created By admin-l on February 23, 2007

22,505 Views 12 Posts

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