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Winter WhiteQueen stared in awe at the marvelous painting of Wonderland in the W section in the library. Someday, she would be co-queen of Wonderland. Suddenly, a pang of sadness hit her. She missed her home. She would come back someday. She searched in the HB section for a book about the history of butterflies for her beast training and care project, she soon got bored and wondered over back to the W section and glanced at the Wonderland painting. "AHHHHH!" She tripped over a book and literally fell into the painting!! She landed with a THUNK and hit the ground unconscious. She was in Wonderland!

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Name: Samantha Hearts 
Nick Name: Orb
Age: 16
Child of: Cheshire cat and The queen of hearts 
Weapons: a croquet mallet , daggers,and claws
Powers: invisibility and can make anything out of cards
Royal or Rebel: Royal technically but is still pretty mischievous and gets on with both groups 
Personality: mischievous , a rebel ,  a couple of screws loose, kind but vengeful when wronged 
Looks: (they have hidden the features of Cheshire cat as it was one night stand )
Bio: im hoping to find my fairytale prince or princess or ruler , i dont really care as long as they love me , i may be a bit mad but who isnt here ? i hope to be the best of fairytale friends