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Thy Woeful Withered Rose

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Posted almost 3 years ago

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Cometh thy enemy to the gates of heaven and beseech forgiveness before his wrath.... 

 2 years have passed since the events of Tales of the Lone Rose, Aldous has found himself in a new rebellion against the King in the fortress of Karringstad and is heavily scarred and changed from his defeat and capture by the king...now convinced he has evidence of the Kings illegal rise to power, Aldous will not only take to the fields for battle but will fight in politics as he strives to remove this false king from his bloodied throne all whilst an invasion of giant warriors tears through Orless and heads to Leféy!

Part 2 of The Knights of Exile Trilogy

Part 1: Tales of The Lonely Rose
Part 2: Thy Woeful Withered Rose
Part 3: Bloodied Crown: a prequel 

"We were not born monsters....but we became them when they abused there power"-Me

"oh no the scary things aint in the picture...its beyond...look closely"-me

"you know when a specific view takes