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Fantasy (Anime) Roleplay

Celebs cartoon
Posted 9 months ago

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Okay call it what you will but anime roleplay is anime roleplay if you can see it in anime format. I have quite a few ideas to work with but can't decide on one so what will most likely happen is it will be up to a vote. Due to not wanting conflict over who is what character I will very reluctantly be putting off my Death Note based roleplays (physically this hurts me as I love Death Note with a burning passion.) However I do have other ideas involving Black Butler and Angel Beats even Vampire Knight. For Naruto and Death Note based stuff you'd probably have to message me directly... Anyway onto the ideas. 1.) After the original series a new group of kids comes forth into the afterlife and need to work to get out. 2.) You can play a canon character or your own in this Black Butler based roleplay 3.) Basically its the same as the plot above except its Vampire Knight not Black Butler 4.) This is my own original idea. There are kids with mutated genes once these genes are activated they can never be turned off. These genes allow these kids to have powers. Only one kid in a family gets them usually the eldest, and the powers are passed on to the next sibling in line if the eldest dies. Power Holders Academy is for kids with these genes to hone their abilities. These powers have two main categories. Physical which has to do with super speed super strength etc, and Elemental which is controlling water and lightning etc. There is one RARE category of those who hold both Physical and Elemental powers they are the most dangerous and can do seemingly impossible things. Causing volcanic eruptions tornadoes hurricanes enslaving people with mind control. Now these kids are put through simulations to honentheir powers and stop disasters from happenening. We can't exactly start the roleplay yet because people need to respond first... But once 20 people respond with their vote I'll post requirements for forms and start accepting!

(A.M.S a.k.a your SnowAngel)

Posted 8 months ago

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Alright lets do 3 i like that idea a lot better

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