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May I Join I have everything that you were looking for
Name: Parker Jones
Nickname: none
Age: 12 (almost 13)
Gender: Female
Nationality: Italian
Sexuality: Bi-romantic Asexual
Voice and Accent: Soft, quiet voice, Italian accent
Personality: Kinda dark, creepy, vampireish
Parents: Mortal Parent: Rebecca Jones, Godly Parent: Hades
Weapon: Dagger and black sword
Likes: Vampires, the dark, the dead, Bands, the night, the underworld (kinda obvious)
Dislikes: the day, the sun, pop rap and country music, pink
Abilities inherited by parents: Mom: cooking, good sense of humor, caring Dad: shadow travel, can see and sense the dead, can unearth skeletons, controls the dead demons and ect
Flaws: disregard for the rules, reckless
Hobbies: art, poetry, obsessing over bands, listening to music, making music
Skills: not a lot of stuff but, art, poetry,obsessing over bands, listening to music, making music

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