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A Month Without Uploading She Comes Ba—

Celebs cartoon
Posted 8 months ago

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` ` They slither while they pass ` `

` ` They slip away across the universe ` `

Posted 8 months ago

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Playing Recording #60
-90's Music Playing In Background-
Mission... what was the planet's name again?
Syerryvin, Jesse. Syerryvin.
Right, right. Obviously.
-Throat clearing-
Mission Cherryvin. 
It's SYER— Forget it, I'm not going to even bother.
-The person next to Jesse clears their throat to continue speaking-
Mission Syerryvin. We're almost there! We need to arrive, and more weight is more fuel, and more fuel is more weight. We may not make—
Dean! Shut up!
Right, right. Sorry. Anyways, when we get to the planet, we need to be prepared for warm temperatures, maybe even the possibility of other life!
Which is highly unlikely. 
Ugh, sorry. 
Oh my god! I see the planet!
Wait... what the h—
Jessica! Jesse, Jessica, what's that thing?!
I don't know! I really don't know! Where's the goddamn button to talk to — ?!
-Buttons being pressed-
Coming in, coming in from Cosmo 28. We see an unidentifiable large circle in the sky. It is made out of many, many bright colors, and we cannot see where it stops spreading to. 
Could it be...?
Dean, I know what you're thinking, and that's impossible. 
Jessica, Jesse—
Cosmo 28, turn the space s—
-Static coming from the right of the recording-
D—— W-it f— m-?
-The music comes to a halt-
In which a group of astronauts goes to search for the missing Dean and Jessica, and end up finding something a lot more than they expected. 
Eight astronauts. They trained for so, so many years, and now they have the opportunity to go and look for the most famous case of missing astronauts – The Mishap of Syerryvin. Everyone had heard of it, and those who hadn't were living under a rock. Many believed that they found the Bermuda Triangle of space. 
Of course, they were wrong. 
Kind of. 
Back to the astronauts. They were either in their twenties or early thirties, many even just graduated from college. Either way, they all were super excited to go on a super big mission, one they knew that NASA could only choose the most greatest astronauts. That's what some of them want to think, anyways. 
Let's skip to where they're in space. As you can tell, their only thought is "HOLY CRAP WE'RE IN SPACE!". Sure, the mission will take two years to get to where Jesse and Dean disappeared, but they were all hyped. They couldn't wait to get there, but by one year, they couldn't wait to get SOMEWHERE. They obviously got tired of floating around in the abyss of space. 
Finally, they reach Syerryvin. It was a cherry syrup red colored planet, with black spots dotted around it. But behind it was... exactly what Jesse and Dean said in the recording. Behind it was a wall that stretched forever, it was white with sparkly rainbow multicolor dots and wispy, but still thick enough to where you couldn't see past it. 
The ship got sucked in, and the people wake up right next to each other. 
Completely changed. 
From a Shapeshifting Caladrius to a Talos, they've all mutated in some way to a mythical creature. Maybe a common one, like an Angel, or a rare one, like a transforming Thunderbird, they're all freaking out over what's happening. 
Five years later. They're able to fix their rocket ship, but have grown to love the universe that they somehow teleported to. They're reluctant to leave, for they adore the universe, and hate that they have to go. 
They found Jessica and Dean, but they never returned with them. Jessica and Dean loved the planet, and politely declined returning to Earth. 
When they return to Earth and find out they become the creature they were in the alternate reality each full moon, you could say they start to freak out just a bit. 

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