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It's been 100 years. A century and a decade since the Alliance was formed, and exactly one century since the world was destroyed. Now it's just us fighting against something we can't even see. It's us trying to survive, trying to escape Those Who Capture. We've lost almost all of it already; what else can we lose? Our sanity? Our hope? No, we've already lost all of that. We can lose eachother.
                                                                - Excerpt from C.E. Harrison's Journal

- The paragraph above is from a famous author in this universe. Everyone has the journal.

- The thing referred to as 'something we can't see' is a disease dubbed 'The Darkness'. This is due to the biological weapons used by the alliance messing with the atmosphere and enveloping the world in darkness. Some places have a dull grey light at best.

- 'Those Who Capture' will be explained as the story progresses, so please don't ask me about it. All the characters know is that the youth of their group (Swiftfire) are being taken to someplace.

- Even though this started in 2000, the technology is way more advanced. We've advanced past modern technology and diseases (cancer, colds, etc.). We've also beat death in this universe, by the use of machines that are now destroyed. That means many of the characters probably used it before.

- Ask. To. Join.

- Keep the romance to PG-13. Kissing, shirtless, but no farther. If you pass these boundaries, you will be asked to leave. 

- There will be two people allowed to be under 21. First come, first serve.

- Finally, and congrats if you've read this far, there will be violence and some gory writing will be allowed. If anyone wants a warning to be put before the gore, I ask that all roleplayers oblige.


Age: (21-90 unless you've asked for a youth)
Personality: (make it equal and throw some bad stuff in there too) Appearance:
Basic Clothing:
Preferred Weapon:
Skill with said Weapon:

Romantic Interest:
Children (if any):
Family: (mention if they are deceased or not)


Disease Symptoms:

This does not have to be read, although I suggest you do just to understand more.

- Confusion
- Coughing
- Sneezing
- Coughing up blood
- Bleeding from nose and ears
- Decaying mental state
- Eventual insanity
- Cannibalism

It can be spread through all fluids. It is not airborne.

This is a line and this line is mine. You will kindly find that my feet and spine are perfectly aligned. You'll also find that on either side is a plus and a minus sign.