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You never know when you are about to meet your soul-mate , when you are about to to be surprised , when you are about to be caught in a danger etc. You can never ever know . Such things happen so quick in a blink of an eye . That is why our wise ancestors told us to look out for signs of the nature that might indicate you about some incident that is about to take place in your life . For example , when  you see red roses on the roadside, a clear bright sky , your way so wide empty , it somehow indicates that you are about to meet your better half even if  you dont know by your heart who it is . Another example , when everything seems so quiet and dull on a bright pleasant day , you can tell that a surprise is on its way to you . These signs dont mean to work whenever you look out for it . As we all say - Right things happen at the right time and the right place , it does not happen when you want it to happen . But dont be dishearted , there is a silver lining on every cloud . If you are bound to meet with your fate , then you surely will.......

"People haven't always been there for me but music always has" - Taylor Swift