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I wanna go back, but I'm scared...

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Posted 6 months ago

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I left my old school in 6th grade, but now I wanna go back and my mom says its fine for me to go. My friends were soo happy when I told them I was able to come back, but now I'm kinda scared to. My mom said that I can go back in the 8th grade, but what if they've already found a replacement for me? 

   Also, when I went to that school I stayed at my grandmas house alot because I lived really far away. My grandmas house was stinky, and my clothes picked up the scent. No matter how many times I washed them, it always stuck. Now that I get to say home more, I don't stink but if I go back I'll have to deal with those smelly clothes. 
   Since I live so far away from that school, I have to take the bus (not the school bus but the city bus) and my brother is going to high school next school year. I'll have to wake up super early and get on the city bus with tons of strangers that look at me funny, its also really dangerous to be out there that early because the people are..you know..

  What should I do? Pleaaase help >.<

Posted 6 months ago

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Dont be scared be happy you get to see all your friends again and i bet that they wont replace you. If they did they get back in because you are a strong independent girl.

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Posted 6 months ago

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True friends won't replace you, I promise. I'm sure your friends are wonderful people and as they expressed, will be very happy if you decide to return.
Do you know what caused the unpleasant smell at your grandma's house and whether you have any way of lessening it? Maybe it's something you'll have to bring up and discuss with your family. 
Also, I understand your concerns about taking public transit. I lived in an isolated community until I was 16, and when I moved out into a city, I was faced with it for the first time. Alone. And I was very nervous about it. But with time, I got used to it. I even started to recognize regulars and interact with familiar faces. Public transit overall is not as dangerous as it seems, there are very often safeguards to protect riders (for example, one system I used had a safe ride policy where all you had to do was alert the driver and authorities would be called, another system I used had a silent alarm that you could touch and it would send security right away). If you take transit and ever feel uncomfortable, do not hesitate to alert somebody who could help you.

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Posted 6 months ago

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Hey, its gonna be ok. If you are insecure if you still have your friends there, why dont you ask them to come over some time. You can meet up with them, and then you can decide if everything was as good as you hoped it would be. I changed schools 2 years ago and I really missed my old friends, and I wanted to go back, but after I met up with them I remembered why I was ok with leaving school in the first place. Humans normally remember the better things in people and they forget the reasons why these people weren't so great. It seems to me you will be willing to go through a lot of difficulies to go to this school becuase of your old friends. If that is the only main reason you want to go back, you have to make sure that they feel the same way about you and visa versa, if not you will have a hard time, waking up early, wearing stinky clothes and having to take the bus.If you do decide to go, maybe you fix the stinky smell at your grandmas, ecuase it is annoying to walk around in clothes that make you feel self concious. What make them this stinky? does you grandmother smoke, ask her to do it outside. Is it the things she uses to clean her laundry? buy her ones that smell nice. Is it because you dont have time to wash your clothes? bring a perfume oor another stong smell to spray over you clothes each tim you go to your grandma. I hope this has helped you, if there is anything else, always ask. Im here to listen.

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