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Friendship Issues, Why Move On?

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Posted 5 months ago

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Hi everyone, am I the only person here who has a friends but called it quits? Here are a few reasons you can stop being friends with someone:

1. If they threaten to or hurt you physically multiple times. When a friend is violent, it’s not a genuine friendship, it might be even toxic. If you feel like the friend is too violent, back out and move on.

2. If they call you names or emotionally abuse you often. No one deserves any hurt, including hurtful words.

3. If a friend attempts to or touches your private areas. That is never, ever OK.

4. If a friend ever forces you to do something that is not OK. True friends never do that, so it’s clear that you probably won’t want that to happen to you.

Of course, there are many more reasons. That’s it for now.

Friends and stuffed animals- part of my inner family. ❤️

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