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Whether you’re digging them or dissing them - here’s a place to dish about your BFF's or not.

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GO AWAY!!!!!!!!

Last post by Pinkismade4blondes-l

Created By Pinkismade4blondes-l on September 16, 2005

1,047 Views 8 Posts


Last post by ItalianGirl13

Created By nothing remains-l on September 19, 2005

1,101 Views 11 Posts

Ryan or guy505

Last post by ItalianGirl13

Created By guy505 on September 03, 2005

2,191 Views 22 Posts

i need a friend who will help me through this

Last post by axelandra21494

Created By axelandra21494 on September 16, 2005

944 Views 10 Posts

friend for my friend ava123 in chat now

Last post by Allie111

Created By Allie111 on September 18, 2005

685 Views 1 Post

can someone be my freind i dont have one

Last post by Everything_Burns-l

Created By klnbear on September 17, 2005

906 Views 10 Posts

my freind is smoking!!!!!!

Last post by blonde cuttie

Created By alienspot5-l on September 13, 2005

1,258 Views 9 Posts


Last post by chilover

Created By chilover on September 15, 2005

710 Views 6 Posts

Is she stabbing me in the back?

Last post by greendayrox92-l

Created By princess winner_346812 on September 03, 2005

996 Views 8 Posts

Chelsey come here!

Last post by JesseMLover

Created By bubbles28105-l on September 13, 2005

804 Views 3 Posts

i miss my friends

Last post by sporty_chick123-l

Created By kikiskittles on September 10, 2005

653 Views 2 Posts

i'm closer with guys

Last post by JesseMLover

Created By xxdontwakeme-l on September 08, 2005

794 Views 2 Posts

My friend, Desirae

Last post by Summer_Chick_355241

Created By Summer_Chick_355241 on September 07, 2005

1,246 Views 2 Posts

my friend

Last post by xxdontwakeme-l

Created By xxdontwakeme-l on September 08, 2005

938 Views 1 Post

meet a new friend

Last post by FinnishChick-l

Created By chinadoll2 on September 07, 2005

873 Views 2 Posts

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DO NOT Give Out Your Password!

Last post by Jordan

Created By Jordan on April 02, 2015

4,677 Views 1 Post
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Bullying/suicide -moved

Last post by LisBird

Created By jordand08 on October 18, 2014

28,651 Views 74 Posts
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Describe the perfect Friend

Last post by Fablady101

Created By MissD on September 23, 2014

29,494 Views 116 Posts
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Last post by unicornsrule626

Created By DearDish-It on July 05, 2010

90,249 Views 457 Posts
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NEW AND OLD USERS READ! How to chat/post on Kidzworld!

Last post by sachielol_1619877

Created By admin-l on February 23, 2007

25,718 Views 23 Posts

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