Whether you’re digging them or dissing them - here’s a place to dish about your BFF's or not.

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Is she my bff or not?

Last post by Delisco

Created By LittleHeartz on July 09, 2016

1,281 Views 8 Posts

boy trouble #2

Last post by XSplashie327X

Created By puppylover098 on September 03, 2016

720 Views 2 Posts

What to do?

Last post by GirlWisher

Created By GirlWisher on September 04, 2016

691 Views 3 Posts

Boy trouble

Last post by Yuniceallyssaangel

Created By btw_sports_rule on June 29, 2016

984 Views 6 Posts

One or a lot ..???

Last post by 9bella

Created By Error44_2928758 on August 09, 2016

960 Views 8 Posts

Drowning in a whirpool of love. (Urgent advice needed)

Last post by Jesusboy03

Created By Jesusboy03 on August 22, 2016

778 Views 1 Post

1 crush, 2 girls

Last post by karkatirl

Created By XSplashie327X on August 19, 2016

1,357 Views 2 Posts

Reviving broken friendship

Last post by Wooper1255

Created By pufftuff6_2469717 on August 10, 2016

711 Views 4 Posts

How do i make new friends?

Last post by Error44_2928758

Created By skylar245 on July 25, 2016

1,627 Views 13 Posts

freind!! = not anymore

Last post by Error44_2928758

Created By partydiva01 on July 20, 2016

982 Views 3 Posts

How do you get rid of a anoying friend ?

Last post by Error44_2928758

Created By teenicon13 on August 07, 2016

656 Views 4 Posts

To Jealous for friends!!!@

Last post by ValenciaRose

Created By sassyjay963 on April 07, 2016

1,917 Views 14 Posts

i dont know what to thin k

Last post by mint2be

Created By flutterfairy on May 13, 2015

1,271 Views 9 Posts

Social Media

Last post by LittleHeartz

Created By scratchcupecake on June 01, 2016

1,033 Views 4 Posts

BFF problems

Last post by ValenciaRose

Created By fluffypopkins on July 15, 2016

734 Views 6 Posts

true or fake love

Last post by Anima678

Created By whitepearl on July 09, 2016

921 Views 10 Posts

My tiring bestfriend

Last post by LittleHeartz

Created By AQUIRA on July 16, 2016

557 Views 4 Posts

what to do

Last post by Abbergrl

Created By xxolucyoxx on July 05, 2016

1,002 Views 9 Posts

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DO NOT Give Out Your Password!

Last post by Jordan

Created By Jordan on April 02, 2015

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Bullying/suicide -moved

Last post by LisBird

Created By jordand08 on October 18, 2014

28,606 Views 74 Posts
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Describe the perfect Friend

Last post by Fablady101

Created By MissD on September 23, 2014

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Last post by unicornsrule626

Created By DearDish-It on July 05, 2010

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NEW AND OLD USERS READ! How to chat/post on Kidzworld!

Last post by sachielol_1619877

Created By admin-l on February 23, 2007

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