Whether you’re digging them or dissing them - here’s a place to dish about your BFF's or not.

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what is a friend

Last post by kellykelly624

Created By kellykelly624 on April 02, 2016

885 Views 1 Post

How to find out who are your best friends

Last post by Chat4Life

Created By Chat4Life on March 30, 2016

679 Views 1 Post

if your friend are being mean

Last post by Chat4Life

Created By Chat4Life on March 30, 2016

771 Views 1 Post

How to keep a friend for a long time

Last post by Chat4Life

Created By Chat4Life on March 29, 2016

643 Views 1 Post

Tips in being introvert and personality change

Last post by wolfiegal

Created By everlish sensation on January 05, 2015

999 Views 4 Posts

Keeping Secrets

Last post by Delancey

Created By queeny6_2787108 on January 05, 2015

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Last post by dearlonelydiary_2...

Created By dearlonelydiary_2908299 on March 29, 2016

576 Views 1 Post

im lonely but i dont ike talking

Last post by Kirsti_2878386

Created By Goopy on March 22, 2016

696 Views 2 Posts

Friend Fight...

Last post by Kirsti_2878386

Created By PabloThePebble on March 24, 2016

750 Views 3 Posts

No best friends

Last post by lemonteen

Created By lemonteen on March 27, 2016

690 Views 1 Post

Terrible friendship

Last post by chainuser

Created By bananacatunicorn on March 08, 2016

847 Views 4 Posts

Can't I like someone in peace?!

Last post by Serenity214

Created By Serenity214 on March 16, 2016

2,314 Views 23 Posts

Need help? Come here

Last post by Azureblue

Created By Azureblue on March 13, 2016

664 Views 1 Post

need advice-moved

Last post by Hoellu_2734751

Created By phan-is-realz on March 12, 2016

681 Views 2 Posts

How to tell my crush I like him?

Last post by Pigacorn

Created By MysteryDrawer on October 10, 2015

2,333 Views 25 Posts

Ask Katie anything

Last post by esthery27

Created By Katie661_2902756 on February 26, 2016

662 Views 4 Posts

I am the odd one out

Last post by bffeaea

Created By bloodsnow14 on February 24, 2016

822 Views 7 Posts

I don't know

Last post by Gingerkissx

Created By StarrChild on February 22, 2016

706 Views 2 Posts

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DO NOT Give Out Your Password!

Last post by Jordan

Created By Jordan on April 02, 2015

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Bullying/suicide -moved

Last post by LisBird

Created By jordand08 on October 18, 2014

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Describe the perfect Friend

Last post by Fablady101

Created By MissD on September 23, 2014

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Last post by unicornsrule626

Created By DearDish-It on July 05, 2010

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NEW AND OLD USERS READ! How to chat/post on Kidzworld!

Last post by sachielol_1619877

Created By admin-l on February 23, 2007

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