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So,your in a city filled with super heros and super villains. Theres a highschool,an office building,a pizza place,an apartment building and many other random buildings. Your secretly either a villain or a hero, you may reveal to the other roleplayers,but becareful who you reveal to, you might find out who they really are. You dont have to be a student, you can be an adult working the pizza place or the office building, or you may work at the apartment building. Those are the 3 work places i have chosen, you can be a teacher, however i am the principal. You can have 3 characters max, no more than that. You may kill people, but you may use your powers to revive if you dont want to die. If you let you character die, you can create a new character. so set up your character like this Name: Last Name: (Optional) Age: (Adult Or Student) Looks: Describe like a mask, torso,sleeves,emblem,gloves,pants,shoes, etc Powers: Healing factor,super strength,super jump,flying,etc Alliance:Hero,Other,or Villain. Super name: You my add more if you would like.

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((May I))

Name: Alicia Rose 
Last Name: (Unknown)
 Age: (Adult Or Student) : 17
Looks: Beautiful. Wears a skin tight sleeves suit. With the colors turquoise, lime green, and purple 
Powers:  Able to control create, kill, revive, and control plants
Alliance: other (has not decided)
 Super name: Seer Bullet

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