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Celebs cartoon
Posted 12 months ago

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[things are tough]

The year 2004 where punk-rock bands rule the world. Teens across the globe begin to surface onto this platform known as the "internet". MySpace, FaceBook, but to several teens their real outlet is the ever so popular livejournal.com.

You create a blog and add friends. A place to express yourself, rant, share your talents, basically anything. 

But, more importantly this is the place where these 6 teens met each other. Through thick and thin, these people became the strange phenomenon -which will sooner then they realize become normal- known as online friends.

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w h a t d a d s

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[roleplay format]

This roleplay will be a little different than most. Rather posting the classic paragraph or two on what your character's reaction is, of what they do, you will only be allowed to write actions you do on livejournal. Here are the options of what you can do:

Just a post to your blog. Here is the template to classify your post as a blog post.

[ *insert your chosen username* BLOG POST

*insert contents of the blog post*

Blog posts are probably the most open of all the things you can do. Here you can add pictures, videos. This is the face of your blog. Whatever your feeling that day, or whatever you feel like posting. As long as it doesn't violate KW rules, then you're fine!

You can post comments onto someone's blog post, or reply to another comment. Here is the template for a comment.

[ *insert your chosen username* ] commenting on *insert author of blog post's username* 's post
      - *content of comment*

or, if you're replying to a comment:

[ *insert your chosen username* ] replying to *insert author of comment*' s comment
    - *content of comment*

Comments are simply word replies, no pictures, videos. Links are permitted but don't actually link to anything just do something like *link to whatever you're linking to*. And spamming is totally allowed, if you're feeling like that.

[3] DM
Direct messaging is -obviously- a direct message to whoever you want to talk to. Here is the format for a dm.

[ *insert your chosen username* sending a message to *insert whoever you're sending a message to's username* ]
        -*content of message*

Dms can include links like commenting or pictures, but no videos. You can also talk in group chats as well, and I'm sure they'll be a group chat for all of the friends. And, you must respect the players that are dming by pretending you never read their direct messages to eachother if you were not involved in the chat. ~Drama~ might be going on, so please pretend like you never saw anything.

Just a way for you to acknowledge a blog post or comment. You can classify you post as a like by saying:

*insert your chosen username*  liked  *author of comment/blog post username* 's post/comment ]

Just post the above, no pictures of additional text.

And those are all the ways of roleplaying. If it's really important, or you really want to you can insert what happens while the person is typing. [put 'oof' in the code section of your form if you read this whole post]  But, other than this there is one more vital key to the format of this roleplay, and that is logging in and logging off.
I'm sure your character does not spend 24/7 on their computers -like some of us creatures do- especially if they're using a family computer, or they're grounded for some reason. So, if you log off you can simply post

[ *insert your chosen username* has logged off]

or vise versa with logged on. While everyone is at school, we can post a simple summary of what happened such as:

Homeroom: Nothing eventful
Biology: Didn't finish due assignment
Gym: Lost basketball game
French: Excelling in new unit
Lunch: Went outside and ate

And on and on. As you can see, the character didn't finish a due assignment, so they may be punished by their parents and are unable to log on. If this is the case then you'll put in parenthesis:

Biology: Didn't finish due assignment  (unable to log on because of punishments)

And as days pass I'll announce that night is gone and it's morning or whatever, but you choose what time you wake up and sleep. 

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w h a t d a d s

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Nickname [not necessary]:

Profile Photo: [photo is necessary]
Blog theme:

Clothing [everyday]:
Personality[four long sentences at least]:

Anything I missed:
History [if you want]:

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w h a t d a d s

Posted 12 months ago

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[my form]

Name: Trist Hawking
Nickname [not necessary]: More known as Trissy from their irl friends that they haven't come out to
Age: 16
Gender: agender
Pronouns: they/them
Sexuality: Bi
Location: Oklaholma, America

Username: misanthrope
Profile Photo:  [trist]  
Bio: labels are a waste of time, let me listen to my music in peace
Blog theme: Poems, rants about life in general, band stuff

Appearance: [refer to profile photo] Trist's hair is dyed black and they have small plugs in both ears. Trist is a little above average height for a 16-year old female and is a little curvy. Her skin is pale and her preference of makeup is quite a lot of eyeliner and light foundation.
Clothing [everyday]: Something along the lines of a band tee and skinny jeans. 
Personality[four long sentences at least]: Trist can be angered easily, but often keeps to themself about it. They can overcome their emotions in public, for the sake of their dignity, but is quick to lock themself in their room and thrash about. They are very clingy when it comes to relationships (friends and lovers), as they have been abandoned many times, by not only their birth parents (who have passed), but friends from elementary school and their one ex-boyfriend. Trist doesn't like to be alone, as much as they think they do, and can be very outgoing once you know them, and matter-of-fact it doesn't take too long to break Trist's outer shell of "leave me alone". Trist is very friendly and is a strong believer of equality, minus those few jerks at school. Trist is open minded to opinions and beliefs of others, but is loyal to their own.
Likes: Fall out boy, green day, nirvana, queen, writing, music, expressing yourself, internet
Dislikes: Closed minded people, fast things, shorts, hats, science
Hobbies: Poetry, going for walks, writing on livejournal

Anything I missed: Not that I see...
History [if you want]: N/A
Code: I don't need the code I am the creator of this roleplay bahaha!

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w h a t d a d s

Posted 11 months ago

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((Totally didn't spend hours setting this up for nobody to even show an interest! No, but I've not been on kidzworld recently and would probably be as active as everyone who has asked to join, so, yay))

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