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Juniper smiles and holds in a laugh. She clears her throat to make it sound like she wasn't as amused as she was by Austin. "Yeah, I'm not sure, actually. Maybe we can start planning out the rest of the plan. I can get into the government but I need a few other people as well as some of the Automationary to hack into the cameras and stuff like that. But, this plan is dodgy so we need to adapt it and change it to make it foolproof. Hopefully, we can get into the files room and fins out where that entrance is. That will also mean that there's more than just our cities. The world is bigger than this and no one ever told us about it."

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Austin was nodding along with Juniper's words, understanding, yet at the same time not understanding the severity of their plans. It wasn't until her last point did Austin jump up.

"More than our cities? Wha-" He cleared his throat, letting his mouth catch up with his brain, "What d'ya mean there's more than just our cities?" Austin asked. The thought had never occurred to him, strangely enough. He'd spent enough time thinking of escape, you'd think he might have at least entertained the premise.

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