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The roleplay will begin with your character filming their entrance video. 

What happens after you are accepted it a bit of a mystery (but it is a sort of competition).

There aren't many rules, other than to stay PG-13, and be respectful when out of character (also use [] brackets when talking out of character.

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Basic Character Form

Full Name:

Nickname (Optional):


Age (16-30):



Life Summary Up To Now:






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Full Name: Ella Green

Nickname (Optional): Corn

Gender: Female

Age (16-30): 17

Appearance: Dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, blue green T-shirt with a pastel blue skirt. Wears white socks and blue shoes often, but sometimes wears black shoes.

Personality: stubborn, strong, weird, rude to the ones she doesn't like

Life Summary Up To Now: Ella was born in a rich family, with loving parents and a very nice school. She preferred to do things with her relatives more often than her friends. She was naive until she went to secondary school, where she learnt that you have to have your own thoughts and feelings.

Accent: British

I'm a tween, almost a teen.
But I'm not depressed like the others seen.
I try to be fun, friendly and keen,
(umm, actually, what does keen mean?)
-a little poem by FunKid

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May I join? Here is my character form-
Full name- Ashley de Silva 
Nickname- Ash
Gender- female
Age- 18
Appearance- Very tall with long dark red hair. Freckles across very small nose. Sometimes wears glasses. Slim with very pale skin. Usually wears button up shirts and jeans or leggings with oversized tank tops.
Personality- Very bubbly and extroverted. Has been told that she is annoying and that she talks too much. Voices her opinions loudly and always has a snappy comeback up her sleeve. Can be a bit cutting and sharp, but is overall a nice person.  Aspires to be and actress and comedian with her own talk show. Hogwarts house is Gryffindor.
Personal life- Her dad left her and her mom when she was young, so she has never had a father. Only child, and lives with her mom and grandma.
Accent- Mezzo- soprano, very loud and slightly obnoxious american accent

You should see me in a crown