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I am new. I'm a mildly annoying girl, with her nose stuck in a book, or her phone. I already hate this whole description of me. Basically, I joined this as a joke, and know it's still a joke, but I'm actually going to talk to people about my interests and how sad I am. There are always cringy people who look for romantic relationships on these types of websites, and It kind of makes me want to die, so please don't do anything like that to me. I kind of hate myself, but in a way that I'm fine with myself, and love myself, but i constantly talk about how awful I am? Idek. I am good with myself, I just kind of low-key dislike my personality. I love how this is supposed to be like a get to know me! I'm quirky and cute! kinda thing, and I'm talking about how awful I am. If you want to talk PM me! I might not respond because I suck at talking to people. If you know what bandom is, I'm kind of in that. I'm phandom all the way. I like musicals. I like Disney. PJO, and anything by Riordan is my shiz (i'm saying shiz because i don't know the policy on cussing). Shadowhunter universe is just amazing. Music recs, show recs, anime recs, and book recs are all great, and if ur interested, I'll be making a posty thingy. Thanks for reading this whole thing.

I'm here.
Noo Russ
I'm queer.
My Son Again
Want to disappear.

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Ahh. Welcome to kw! (:

Ain't it good to let em think you're clueless?

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