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Mods and Admin 2018

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Posted about 2 years ago

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Following @ImagineOrdinary 's 2017 post, I thought I would update our list of mods and admins as lots of changes have been made in the past year!
*Updated as of June 30, 2018


@Jordan is the manager of Kidzworld. She handles all user related issues and questions. Some of which include: fixing your age, location changes, etc on your profile. She will also be more than willing to help you if you're being bullied. When in doubt who to contact, Jordan is your best bet. 

@James  handles tech issues, so if you're having a glitch or another problem, send it his way. He also loves suggestions and will give us all updates as new websites changes arrive.

@allen Creator & founder of Kidzworld.



Moderators are the people who approve your photos, bio, etc and also moderate the chat room.

@LonePine  is mysterious, hiding around the website and never in chat. She does approve much of your content though.

@Honour  is the mod you'll find hanging out in chat on the weekends.

@mischiefmanaged is on maternity leave as of July 2018.

Junior Mods:

Junior moderators are regular users who help out in the forums and are here to talk to when you need a friend. They can be older than 18. There is no way to become a junior mod, they are picked by KW admin. But your contributions through following the rules as well as reporting inappropriate content are more than appreciated! It's everybody's responsibility to keep KW safe.

@Kirsteeeeen  helps in the forums. (No longer active)

@Jordand08 (No longer active)

@KidzworldAwards runs the yearly Kidzworld Awards. (No longer active)

@GawjussGracieex (No longer active)

@Gary  our mascot.


DearDish-It  writes Kidzworld's monthly horoscopes and weekly advice articles. 



Kidzworld has a filter (compassionately named Phil some years ago), that helps keep everybody safe. He helps block inappropriate words and other rule breaking (such as giving out personal information). You'll see hashtags when something he deems bad is posted. Comment Jordan if you have any issues, or if Phil isn't doing his job quite right.


Please check out the rules and regulations ! They are important as they keep everybody safe, and help make KW a fun experience.

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Thank you for making this post!

You are hilarious just believe it

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Thanks for this info.

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