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Here is a list of common question users have on Kidzworld.  Feel free to comment me if you ever need help of have other questions. 

1. What are the site rules?
• Click here to review Kidzworld’s rules.

2. How to I add friends?
• Click the green plus sign on their profile or avatar.

3. How reject a friend request?
• Click the blue reject button on your friend requests tab.

4. What does ignore mean on friend requests?
• If you click the orange ignore button that user will not be able to friend you again. You will be able to send them a friend request.

5. How do I change my age and location?
• Please contact @Jordan

6. How do I add a picture?
• Click the camera icon on your current profile picture to add a new avatar. Or click the photo tab on your profile and then click the plus sign.

7. How do I change my background?
• Click “design my page” to the right above your avatar.

8. How to upload a video?
• Go to the video on YouTube, click share and then copy the embed code. Paste the embed code in the video widget on your profile.

9. How to post in the forums?
• Go to the section and category you want to post in and either click reply or click the create post button in the top right corner to create your own thread.

10. How do I block someone?
• Profile: Remove the user as a friend, and set your privacy to high. Only your friends are able to contact you.
• Chat: Right click their name and select block.

11. How to add a picture to my bio or forum post?
• Go to the picture you want in your bio or post. It has to be uploaded and approved. Then click the button on the far right to get the code, copy it and paste it in your bio or post.

12. How do I make my profile private?
• Go to My Settings and click on the Privacy tab. You can choose Low, Medium or High, depending on how much of your profile you would like other users to see. No one who is not a member or not logged in can see any part of your profile. kidzworld.com/settings.

13. How do I report a user?
• There is a report button (red flag) on all comments, forum post, pictures, private messages, chat messages, and profiles. Click report and it will get sent directly to @Jordan, the manager.

I'm Jordan, the Manager at Kidzworld. Please let me know if you ever need help or have any questions.

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thamks jordan

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This is helpful smile

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Thanks Jordansmile