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hello I am waiting to make new friends

Last post by Kirsteeeeen

Created By sabrina333 on December 30, 2016

535 Views 4 Posts

Haaai :3

Last post by Charachocolate

Created By OggyFoxy_2942389 on December 21, 2016

914 Views 4 Posts

Hi! I'm Vivibunnii

Last post by SmartSunnyShadow

Created By Vivibunnii on December 17, 2016

562 Views 2 Posts

Hi, I'm Dragonflight!

Last post by AnnaOfExquizurd

Created By Dragonflight on December 16, 2016

438 Views 3 Posts


Last post by km581_2019289

Created By km581_2019289 on February 15, 2012

1,592 Views 11 Posts

HI! IAM NEW-moved

Last post by SelenaGomezForeve...

Created By Aishu07_2033454 on February 16, 2012

1,265 Views 10 Posts

I'm New to Kidzworld-moved

Last post by vampire girl 12

Created By -Awesome_Emmy- on February 17, 2012

1,091 Views 8 Posts

How are we all?-moved

Last post by umbreon2000_1994719

Created By Doctor_Whooves on February 17, 2012

4,615 Views 62 Posts


Last post by GawjussGracieex

Created By dragonfly111_2032750 on February 21, 2012

887 Views 5 Posts

Hi, I'm new here!

Last post by ThisIsNotMyFirstA...

Created By MysticFlame_2041825 on February 24, 2012

2,140 Views 17 Posts


Last post by basketballlover714

Created By tiler129 on March 05, 2012

978 Views 6 Posts

My Name's Fluttershy.....

Last post by -LyndseyEatsRainb...

Created By Animals♥Fluttershy on March 18, 2012

2,886 Views 33 Posts

Herp derp, I'm new!

Last post by pinkpancakez4

Created By Epic Rarity on March 21, 2012

2,255 Views 22 Posts


Last post by katniss269_2076090

Created By Remote control Rin on March 25, 2012

1,892 Views 14 Posts

New here! -Study

Last post by SnazzySkittles_21...

Created By Study on May 17, 2012

1,064 Views 6 Posts

Hello. New here. :)

Last post by innocentgirl145_1...

Created By Christian_Soldier_2095418 on April 12, 2012

1,695 Views 15 Posts

A new persons arrives!

Last post by HeyThereImJames_1...

Created By Hatin' Haters on April 19, 2012

1,218 Views 6 Posts

The 9 Year old Detective is here!

Last post by cool akanksha

Created By -Detective on December 05, 2010

3,241 Views 53 Posts

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Junior Mods Introduce Themselves

Last post by SmartSunnyShadow

Created By Kairos on October 27, 2018

528 Views 8 Posts
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Kidzworld How-To

Last post by Legofriends123

Created By Jordan on August 23, 2018

741 Views 2 Posts
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Are you a good user?

Last post by baceking

Created By brunostar on April 02, 2015

16,640 Views 33 Posts
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DO NOT Give Out Your Password!

Last post by Jordan

Created By Jordan on April 02, 2015

4,213 Views 1 Post
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Making Your Profile Beautiful.

Last post by LondonFootbalCraz...

Created By princess_surupa on January 04, 2015

14,372 Views 22 Posts
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About the Forums?

Last post by meowunicorn657

Created By brunostar on February 15, 2014

16,724 Views 37 Posts
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Correct Age on Profile

Last post by Jordan

Created By Jordan on October 31, 2013

5,392 Views 1 Post
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Making your account safe

Last post by NicolletteA

Created By classicalmusicisepic on March 09, 2013

17,645 Views 40 Posts
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NEW AND OLD USERS READ! How to Chat + Post on Kidzworld!

Last post by Rock_chick12

Created By admin-l on February 23, 2007

69,067 Views 151 Posts

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Indroduction101: Tell ur name

Last post by penguvibes

Created By Piyu101 on November 19, 2019

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Indroduction101: Tell ur name

Last post by penguvibes

Created By Piyu101 on November 19, 2019

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