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~Roses~ (Horror Story -wimps keep out!-)

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~Part I:~

Chapter 1: Ring Around The Roses

I twist the flower around in my fingers. I sigh as I look around to see my brother pushing himself around the round-about. I know I should go and push him. but I'm not in the mood for child's play.
I keep feeling like drifting off, but I know I need to be awake, so I constantly keep shaking my self awake. I Go over to my little brother, Ronald.
"Do you want me to help you, Ron?"
"No! I'll push you! I'm the big, strong boy!#. I Smile halfheartedly and nod
"Ok. Ok, Ron go ahead then.". I get onto one of the tiny chairs and let him push me around. I'm still holding that flower, the tiny little rose that I found near the swings. Ron starts going a little faster.
"Tell me if I'm going too fast, Ok Poppy?" He asks. I nod and lay back in the small chair. I suddenly drift off without meaning.
Im standing alone in the playground. Leaves are blowing around me in the strong, freezing wind. Its dark. Very Dark. Not quite night, but more of a dark grey sky. I can hear distant, small voices.
"Ring around the rosies". That old nursery rhyme my mother taught me, and the teachers taught us at school. The voices grow louder.
"Ring around the rosies" . The song is getting closer, and a little...well..creepier. I hear some more singing.
"A Tissue, A Tissue, we all drop dead". There's a loud thud. I spin around, breathing fast.
Where was that thud coming from? The sound is right next to me, like a whisper in my ear.
"Ring Around The Rosies...Ring Around the rosies...."
I Fall over on a  black, Tar-like ground. I look up and see my brother sitting there, crying.
"What's the matter?!" I ask panicedly, rushing over to Ron
"I fell over and...and....Banged my head!" He cries, under upset breathing and tears.
I try and convince myself that THAT was the thudding noise, but it's hard to believe.
"Let's go back Home, its far too late" I mumble quickly, getting Ron on his feet again.
"Ok. I want Mummy" he says, still sniffling, with bloodshot eyes. I look sadly at him
"We'll get home NOW and fix you up, come on, quick, Oh, WAIT!" I say, then I quickly run and grab my bag.  I don't want to come back for it tommorow. I hurry Ron away from the playground, And I rush him home. I put him to bed then fall onto mine.
But something is urging me to go back there. Something very odd.
I had left the rose at the park.


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sweet i love horror stot

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