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Hey! So I was thinking about creating a short story about the world years after nuclear warfare has all but destroyed the planet. There are only a few people left who live in a small village and do not know the truth about the world around them, as the people who were alive when the war ended decided future generations should not know the tragedy the occurred before their time and have hope for the future of humanity. Any ideas on how I would go about doing this or for supporting characters? (I already have some of the main characters thought out)

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Hey! I'm also writing a book, but it's in more of the young adult genre instead of sci-fi. I'm up to the fifth chapter. Your idea sounds awesome! Here's some friendly ideas for making writing enjoyable and creative! (: Hope this helps!

1. Come up with interesting and/or out of the ordinary names. Usually books that grab people's attention have catchy names for the main characters. Make it unique! (Example: Quinn for a girl's name (;

2. What are your personal beliefs? Are they different from most people's beliefs? Try to reflect your beliefs inside your writing. It might add a interesting touch! 

3. Plan out your ending. Try to make it different than the way most authors end their stories. (:

4. Try using experiences from your life inside your book. This will make the book true to life and much more believable! 

5. Make your main characters different from each other. What are their personal beliefs about religion, clothes, school (if they're a minor), animals, etc. Are they usually happy? Depressed? anxious? Why?

6. Use different words for feelings and actions. (Example: don't use "good" or "says" all the time. Try "joyful" "ecstatic", "asks", "questions", "shrieks", etc.)

Hope this helps! If you need more help try taking a creative writing class, or ask your English/grammar teacher for help! (: 

-a fellow amateur writer

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Your idea is definitely really interesting. 
Is the story going to be about the main characters discovering the truth about the world? Or is it about how the war and then isolation and lack of knowledge of before times has affected these generations?

Assuming your plot is the first one, some supporting characters may be historian-like figures (historian, geologist, archaeologist, etc.) who believe that the war occurred, but no one else wants to listen to their ideas. Or perhaps a spirit thing that wants these people to be informed and helps the main characters learn more about their planet's past. Pets are also great additions. (:

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