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How the earth got it's moon

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Posted 6 months ago

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Selene was not an ordinary girl like her mother. She was a heroine. She brought the earth its Moon.
She lived in Hawaii it was a lovely place. Sometimes maybe a little too lovely. There was always sun.
“Mom, could it be possible to make night?” Selene asked.
“I don’t think so. Are you happy they way the world is?” her mother asked.
Selene went to her room. She opened her journal and started to draw a plan. She wanted to prove her mother wrong. She started drawing everything she was gonna do. She got materials and went to her front yard. Her mother found her creating a rocket ship.
“Get inside it’s gonna rain.” her mother told her.
“Not tell I make night possible.” Selene told her mother.
Her mother gave up and went inside. Selene got the hammer and got to work.
After two hours Selene took a break and went inside. She made more than half of the ship.
“Finally coming in huh?” her mother said.
“Well I have to eat.” Selene told her mother.
Selene took a plate and ate as fast as she could. After eating Selene went outside again and finished the ship.
After that Selene went inside and took a break. She read a book, painted her nails, and then gathered stuff to put in the ship with her. After a while Selene got in her ship and took off.
After a while in her ship she got hungry. She was glad that she packed some food. She grabbed her banana and ate it. She looked out the window and she was in space. She then hurried to the back of the ship were she had her space suit. She put it on and got out of the ship.
“Wow, everything looks different than I thought it would.” She said.
She then took a space rock and took a star.
“This Space rock needs to be round.” Selene told herself.
She took the star and carved the rock tell it was completely round.
“Wow, that was hard to carve.” She said.
She then took the space rock and went to the sun. When she got to the sun she had to cover her eyes. She quickly put her sunglasses on. Then her second then her third.
“That’s better” She said.
“What do you need?” The sun asked in a calm voice.
“I need you to put this rock in the earth's orbit.” Selene told the sun.
The sun thought for a minute.
“And what if I don’t?” The sun asked.
“Then you will get this.” Selene said.
Selene got another space rock and crushed it with her bare hands.
“Oh okay I did not know it was that important.” The sun said in a panic.
Selene took the rock and put it on her side of the earth. She signaled the sun and the sun shot an axis into the moon. Selene was proud of herself. She finally Made night. Selene got back in her ship and took off her suit. She set the coordinates to her house and sat in pleasure.
When she got home, she Went inside quickly. And she saw her mother cleaning the dishes.
“Mom! I saved the world!” she bragged.
Her mother looked at her in delight.
“You surprised me honey! Great job. Everyone is going to be jealous they did not do what you did.” Her mother said.
They both hugged each other and Went to bed for the first time.
Throughout that year Selene came famous for creating the night.

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Nice story!! 

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Posted 4 months ago

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No, a giant freaking planet crashed into the Earth and knocked out a bunch of debris, which then formed the moon.

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Great story! I really enjoyed reading it keep it up

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