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That's very true. I also saw an error in his argument on " I assure you that for every one great woman inventor or scientist, there are an innumerable amount more men". Back when others were saying that it was simply because women weren't allowed to do things contradicts what he said there. There couldn't be a high proportion of famous women to famous men, not because they're "not smart", but because of a lack of opportunity.

My point! For a good amount of time, women were either shut down for things they wanted to pursue or had to hide the fact they were a women to get anywhere. Women are set on a thinner pedestal from time to time even now compared to men, unfortunately. Some women in the past have even had their work stolen from men who put their names over her own and other women who never truly got recognition for their work until decades later. A woman's beauty or popularity shouldn't be all someone sees. A woman is allowed to be just as successful as a man.

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of course, pretty much everyone in the modern world is against sexism. the problem is people think things are sexiest when they're not.

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