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A Little Thought Experiment...

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Posted 10 months ago

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So here you are reading this text. Good. You probably don't know me. That's fine. Let's begin with this; what is the most evil, horrible, wrong, thing? Think of something so bad. So pure evil. Something immensely wicked. A heinous act. What is the most evil thing you can think of along these lines?   

It's stimulating to search into the depth of the mind for something like that, right? You may hold back from saying what's on your mind right now because I "wouldn't want to know," correct? Or maybe it's so profane that it is inappropriate material for such an innocent website. For all I know, It may be banned by the admins. Maybe this whole conversation will. Don't share if you aren't comfortable. 

Likewise however, I now want you to think of something so pure. So righteous and holy. What is something so sacred, so good, something magnificently beautiful? What is the most good, right, and just thing?

Difficult, right? I would encourage you to share this one. It'll be interesting to see what others think. Let's not stop there. You remember the worst thing you could think of? Now what is more evil than that? Can you even think of something? Similarly, do you remember the most good thing you can think of? What is more pure and righteous than that? Can you even think of something? 

Now you may be wondering what the point is to all this. It's simple. I have a theory that the human capacity to understand good and evil is finite respectively to experience. For all of you intellectual, thoughtful, philosophical individuals out there, you can think about this some more and leave your opinions in the comments. Thanks.

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Posted 10 months ago

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You know, I agree with your theory. I don't think I can put it into the well-thought and eloquent wording you did, but as vast as the human mind is, each individual one has its limits. Everyone clearly thinks different of what is wrong and what is right - Hitler did think exterminating the Jews was a good thing, didn't he? 

The most evil thing I could think of certainly isn't KW appropriate. Then, expanding on that further, I figured that murder is probably one of the worst things a human can do. But then that got me thinking: what  if it's the other way around? Or, what if there is something even worse than both of those? Everything else that came to mind probably, most likely, isn't a KW kind of topic - and I'm sure my brain can't even come up with everything else disgraceful. Therefore, I don't think I can determine which is worse, as there are many things I find putrid - and some I can't even think of - and they're all quite horrible.

So then the most good thing I thought of was angels. They're pure and holy, right? What can be even greater than that? The Lord, of course. To someone who believe ins Him, who or what is more just and righteous than that? This got me wondering what those who do not believe in Him would say. Charity work, perhaps? A newborn child who is yet to have experienced the awfulness of the world? An innocent domestic animal whose perception of the world is far different from ours?

This was definitely really thought-provoking. I might have to think about this further sometime in the future.

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