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Im so bad at soccer

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Posted 10 months ago

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(sorry if I spel evarything wrong, I’m really bad at speling)

Hey, so I know this probably isn’t the right place to put this but I couldnt find a beter place to say it so here we are. Basicaly, I’m really bad at soccer. Like I mean REALLY BAD. My team is mostly good with a coupel not so great players but mostly everyone is really good. However, my team always loses because of me. We’ve litraly won 1 game this season with heaps of good players on the team because I always let them down.

It’s probably worth mentining that my team is a all girls team, so it’s not like I’m the only girl with heaps on boys on the team. And I have to say I really enjoy soccer. I just hate always being the one that loses my team the game because I litraly can’t kick a ball one foot in front of me, that’s how bad I am.

I also practiss a lot, it’s not like I never practiss, I do all the time and it just sucks that I can’t improve. I know it shouldnt mater because I’m trying my best but I feel so bad because whenever I get the ball the other team takes it off me and kicks a goal. I’m litraly that bad.

Anyone have any tips? Sorry I know this isn’t the right spot to say this but I had to say it. I love soccer but I hate losing my team every game.