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Goodbye kidzworld

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Posted about 2 months ago

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Hello fellow kidzworld users I would like to thank you for being on kidzworld I must say I never had friends here expect for a few  here's my information as some of you may have know me I'm Toby and I am seventeen years old my birthday is in April I'm kinda emo I like everything a country boy likes and I love skateboarding 
sports i like football, soccer 
I have graduated high school along side my best friends. 
i love going mud riding, grab a drink with a buddy, pool, i have a girlfriend we've been together since 2016 we've had an on and off relationship due to complications we had I've came back online this site to give thanks to those whose been there for me and my friend 
these days have been hard for me and my girlfriend, she has told me she doesn't know if she will be alive she told me shes experiencing so much pain due to her cancer she has stage 4 cancer 
ill be fine thank you for everything friends I will no longer be active on this site.. 
goodbye kidzworld 

Posted about 2 months ago

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Hey toby don't forget to keep in contact with me! And bro I forgot you have a kw account I'll keep Emily in my prayers I hope things get better for you bro, i miss you two the grossly happy lovely dovey couple

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