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The difference between a junior mod, and a mod.

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Posted over 1 year ago

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Nice thread Jordand!  

Posted over 1 year ago

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​seriously cool diff  Worried

Posted about 1 year ago

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"jordand08" wrote:

Junior Mods - Junior Mods are longtime helpful users on the site. Their basic job is to moderate the forums. We lock, move, and we sticky them, we are here to give advice when needed, and occasionally go into chat for help. That does not mean we can banned you from chat or freeze you. We can not un-banned you either. That's something you'll have to talk to the mods about. So please remember before you go to a junior mod, make sure you talk to Jordan the Manger or any mods. We cannot lock users' profiles either. Tongue Out Another thing we cannot do is tell if someone has hacked you, if you tell us you're being hack more than likely we'll tell you to go to Jordan, that doesn't mean we don't care. It's just because that's not what we do. We cannot approve photo's either. 

awesome! i didn't even know you guys did this! that's definitely a way to get people to be nicer.  Thumbs Up



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