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I need help making a decision

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Posted 12 months ago

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Hey y'all! I was in the forums when I immediately thought, "Oh yeah! I was wanting to make a role-play of that!" Yet I don't know if people would like it because of the complexity of it. This is my idea:

A bunch of people go into a certain building. But once in there, something totally weird happened. Split personality people!

People who want to join would pair up prior to asking. Then they would agree on how the person would look and stuff like that. But the personality of the person would be of BOTH PEOPLE. Therefore, it'd kind of go like this:

User 1: Hey, I saw this role-play that requires people to pair up. Want to pair up with me?
User 2: Sure! Sounds fun.
User 1: I think the person should look more like this. *shares photo* (you don't have to do this when pairing up, but it'd flow better that way)
User 2: Actually, I was thinking about this picture. *shares different photo*
User 1: How about we go with the clothing of yours and the features of mine?
User 2: Fine! Though I  really like my picture.
User 1: For my personality, I am *describes personality of them-self*
User 2: And here's my personality. *describes their personality*
User 1: Now, who should post the form?
User 2: I will! Is it okay if I upload the picture from you?
User 1: Of course! Are we ready to ask to join?
User 2: I do believe that we are!
User 1: *goes to RP* (May I join with *User 2's name*?)
Me: (Of course y'all may!)
User 2: *uploads picture and waits a while for it to get approved*
KW Mod: *approves picture*
User 2: *in form* Appearance: Features of this picture *User 1's picture* Clothing of this picture *posts their picture* Personality: *User 1's name*: *describes User 1's personality* *User 2's name*: *describes User 2's personality and continues with form*
Me: (Accepted!)

Would y'all be okay with this kind of RP?

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Posted 12 months ago

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I think that sounds like a really interesting concept! It's really creative, too. It seems like a lot of work on the roleplayer's part, but I'm sure if they really wanted to join the roleplay, they'd do whatever it takes. I would definitely be intrigued on joining if you were to make it.

Posted 12 months ago

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( i do think it sounds interesting)



Posted 11 months ago

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I agree. I love the idea. I'd definitely join if I could C:

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