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Hey Guys, I'm new to Kidzworld, but I thought this would be a great platform to do this task on. So Google is holding an international event right now, called the Google Code-In. I'm participating and the idea of this is to get thousands of students aged between 13 and 17 to get into coding. It's also a contest so prizes are up for grabs with the supreme prize being a trip to California to Google Headquarters.


People who participate have to complete tasks set by organisations such as CCExtractor Development and Sugarlabs to earn points. Tasks can be creating programs using the organisations software, learning how to code, or spreading the word about The Code-In, so more people can get involved in this awesome activity. Its not too late to register either, and you only have to complete 3 tasks to earn a free t-shirt and some more can earn you a hoodie!


The task I'm working on currently is writing this very post. This task is set by CCExtractor Development. This organization is responsible for the development and tweaking of the CCExtractor program. Whenever you're watching that intense Spanish soap opera or that Japanese horror film, the developers at CCExtractor are responsible for putting those life saving words on the bottom of the screen (subtitles). They are also totally non-profit, which is why we should acknowledge them, that much more.


This is my second task and I'm already loving programming so I recommend that if you know anyone that fits the age group, try to get them involved.

Posted 7 months ago

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i love programming too i'm a programmer already!

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