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RP about your very own school! What will your class be like? What sort of things will you study?

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Your headmaster/headmistrees is about to leave ?

Last post by Bella_h

Created By athirah123 on July 12, 2020

336 Views 2 Posts

Elemental school for beings and beasts //open//

Last post by oceanbreeze208

Created By hippiehusky on May 14, 2018

7,989 Views 377 Posts

Fantasy High (you can have powers no godmodding pls tho thx)

Last post by Mantis117

Created By KiwiOCmaker on September 23, 2019

1,644 Views 57 Posts

[OPEN] Hero-High (first mission at 5 people!!!)

Last post by orenciah

Created By xdaidremex on April 28, 2020

191 Views 3 Posts

Kontny Music High (RP music school)

Last post by Lavenderdaz

Created By BoyOfTheFuture132 on March 11, 2020

282 Views 5 Posts

Starlight Academy RP

Last post by LatinaDream

Created By MidnightPuppy999 on June 13, 2019

867 Views 12 Posts

School of Heirs [ALL SPOTS FILLED]

Last post by Mermaid_Author14

Created By AnnaOfExquizurd on February 13, 2018

7,142 Views 109 Posts

★ Where Did All The Light Go? ★ ATJ ★ Open ★

Last post by Klemon

Created By Klemon on February 10, 2019

1,940 Views 42 Posts

Emergence | Boku No Hero Academia RP | ATJ

Last post by SnowflakeAngelKitten

Created By Merios on October 31, 2018

2,025 Views 46 Posts

☽ [CLOSED] ☽ Crystal Heights☽ Remake☽ ATJ☽

Last post by Klemon

Created By Klemon on August 26, 2018

5,014 Views 148 Posts

Creepy pasta high.

Last post by Slendrina

Created By Keekeow on September 24, 2013

22,440 Views 327 Posts

Miraculous Ladybug: Adventures

Last post by Gravityfallsfan666

Created By Gravityfallsfan666 on December 01, 2018

592 Views 3 Posts

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Roleplay Wars [ATJ, REVIVED]

Last post by SnowflakeAngelKitten

Created By Jomeimei on August 06, 2014

10,237 Views 13 Posts
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Rules and Regulations. How to Chat + Post on Kidzworld!

Last post by Jordan

Created By Jordan on May 09, 2012

8,520 Views 1 Post

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