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4th Grade RP (always open)

Celebs cartoon
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(May I join)


Name: Arley (Are-del-ey) Groves
Nicknames: A
Age (8-11): 10
Gender:  F
Looks (accept anime, description or pics): Cady Groves!
Short bio: N/A
Other:  Has been best friends with Carter since they were little and has a little crush on him.

Name: Carter Anderson
Nicknames: N/A
Age (8-11): 11
Gender: M
Looks (accept anime, description or pics): Peter Hawthorne
Short bio: N/A
Other: Likes A since they were 5-6

I know about popular!
Popular Song by MIKA ft Ariana Grande

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Names Catilena but please call me KITTY! You need to add me!


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