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Onyx Academy (of WitchCraft and Wizardry) ~ {Open!}

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Posted 6 months ago

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Welcome. I’m Headmistress Evergreen and we want to welcome you to our academy! This school is for kids 11-16 to join, and so we can learn about your quirk! We understand your quirks can be very hard to control. That’s why Onyx Academy is very open for you to join! If you do join, you can’t just leave on your first day. We’ll release you after a 4 months span, for us to learn very much about you! You see, you can explore this school during study hall. But this is a WitchCraft Academy, so you’ll see much unusual things here. You’ll learn about our hero, Alissa Onyx, and you’ll have clubs here, and you can be anything you’d like. 

If you’re the quiet kids, you’ll like Bloomsbury.
(The limit in this house is 4.)

If you’re a loud girls, you’ll like PhoenixEye. 

(Limit here, is 4.)

Character Sheet:
Name // Age // Gender // Likes // Dislikes // Powers (limit is 2) // Backstory (Behind magic) // Family // Looks // Personality // Wand Info // Pet (Cat, Mouse, or Owl)

•In the middle of the RolePlay, don’t just run in. Ex.
”Ruby unlocked her locker, then sighed. “It’s a mess in here, all right.”
​” Hey can i join?
I don’t really like it. Once we get enough people, i’ll put Closed on the title. So we don’t disturb the RP.
I’d like to play all of the teachers.
I’ve been in several rps, there they’re like this: (They’re Rain)
”Rain does good. A+, and Sunny you get an C-.” 
I don’t like it. Give players a chance! What if they studied, and Excelled it perfectly? 

Have Fun!

KW likes RP, and so do i! I’ve been really craving this! And i hope you have fun. Please Private Message me for any questions. 

We need 8 people for this. This is themed like Harry Potter! Enjoy!


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Name: Luna Simmons

Age: 13

Gender: Female

•Moonlight Walks

•Bright Lights
•Messy Things

•Moonlight Control
•Shadow Manipulation

Luna found her powers at the age of 5. She found strange shadows following her and one day talked to herself, “What if i had powers?” And she was able to talk to the shadows when they responded to her. When she was outside, in the darkness, all alone, she wished for light and Luna got her wish. Moonlight followed her and she now really likes darkness.

Family: Her mother, and her twin sisters.

Light brown hair pulled up into two buns, a few freckles, glasses. Her outfit is A camo green romper, with some sandals.

(Read Likes.)

Wand Info:
Oak, and Unicorn Hair.

A Cat named Saraa.

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Name: Hoshino Akirimi (or Hoshi for short)

Age: 11

Gender: Female

~ Peaceful Mornings
~ Baking/Cooking
~ Understanding People

~ Things intentionally wrong
~ Bothersome People
~ Mean People

~ Telekinesis
~ Necromancy

Backstory: Hoshi came from a family of magicals, her mom and dad having a long line of magic history. She also has an older sister that physically harassed her with her powers considering she found her powers before the age that Hoshi did. She used to spend every weekend at home making bread until she heard that her sister died in a car crash. She cried in her room, wishing that her sister would come back. One day she was sitting in the graveyard until one day when she was crying, a zombified version of her sister came out of the ground. She was mentally scarred since that day and now likes to go to the bakery and help the baker fill orders with her skills.

Family: Her mother and father

Looks: A small loli (yes I will use the word loli >:3) with long, icy blonde hair and big, cloudy blue eyes. Her outfit is a cute little light blue uniform-looking outfit.

Personality: Shy but the absolute sweetest person when you get to know her.

Wand Info: Aspen and Dragon Heartstring 

Pet: An owl named Charcoal

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Can I join this?

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hi...my name is Tammy ,I am 13 and I am a wolf shifter. If you don't know what a shifter is just ask.  I would very much like to join this Academy.

female ,age 13 ,can become a wolf, is friendly, is nice,is shy, talks a lot, when provoked am the best fighter in the world, is spooked by noisy people , am always loyal .

~likes: people, animals, water, singing ,the woods
~dislikes: bugs, bright lights, noisy people
~powers: shape shifting, can talk to any animal
~pet: 2 cats

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So she's pureblood?

Posted 15 days ago

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Name: Mia Finniston
Age: 11 
Gender: female
Likes: 1.kindness
             2. courage
            3. fun
Dislikes: 1. cruelty
                 2. dishonesty
                3. hopelessness
Powers:1. going wherever she wants in a blink's time
               2. reading other people's intentions
Backstory: Mia inherited her powers from her grandmother. When Mia was 9 she planned a trick on her younger brother to make him think she was running away. Her parents were away at the time. As Mia went quite far  outside she wondered what her brother was thinking. At a glance she saw that he intended to call their parents. Mia thought herself a fool for not thinking so before and she wished she was home. Immediately, she found herself home even before her brother called their parents! 
Family: Parents and younger brother
Looks: Black curly hair and black eyes. Merry smile . Usually wears t-shirts and jeans
Personality: Warm-hearted . Moderatly good at lessons. Likes to read . Also likes playing football and hanging out with friends .
Wand info: Almond blossoms and owl feathers
Pets: A cat named Mimi

If this boring I shan't go

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age: 14
likes: going over spells , reading,
dislikes: math rain
  • powers: Accio  – to call an object to you.
  • Wingardium Leviosa  – to levitate objects.
  • Expelliarmus –to disarm your opponent.
  • Lumos – to ignite one's wand-tip to provide light.
  • Alohomora  – to open locked windows and doors.
  • Avada Kedavra  – to bring about instant death.

backstory: rose grew up in a family fulled with witches and all her sisters mom ,  aunties they went to schools for witches so she signed up for this school c:

looks: blonde hair brown eyes]