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RP about your very own school! What will your class be like? What sort of things will you study?

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Magic High Pt 2

Last post by Gravityfallsfan666

Created By Gurlclub on December 18, 2018

602 Views 5 Posts

Crystal prep the school for those with powers

Last post by wildwriter

Created By unicorngirl08 on November 28, 2018

623 Views 11 Posts

Keaton School of The Arts

Last post by Ivyisatrashcan

Created By CamiCouture on July 01, 2018

401 Views 2 Posts

~/~School of animes~/~

Last post by minha

Created By minha on October 26, 2018

384 Views 2 Posts

School Of Youtubers {OPEN}

Last post by minha

Created By kmerr on June 23, 2018

2,662 Views 109 Posts

School of Royals | Spots are open

Last post by Gurlclub

Created By Gurlclub on August 25, 2018

769 Views 12 Posts

Hogwarts roleplay

Last post by gpc78

Created By gpc78 on June 20, 2016

5,187 Views 158 Posts

School of hairdressers-open

Last post by Lavenderdaz

Created By Lavenderdaz on August 03, 2018

388 Views 2 Posts


Last post by Snow-Studio

Created By Snow-Studio on July 04, 2018

333 Views 4 Posts

Kindergarten rp

Last post by Snow-Studio

Created By Criana1 on May 02, 2018

419 Views 3 Posts

Your first day at high school (RP)

Last post by Snow-Studio

Created By DragonDiamond on December 24, 2017

676 Views 5 Posts

✿❀♬ School of Idolons: Open/ATJ

Last post by Mylifesofar

Created By lonku_2986144 on June 01, 2018

741 Views 17 Posts

✨ Powerful ✨ ATJ/ Beginners Welcome/Started!

Last post by Abbergrl

Created By DreamsAndDaisies on February 10, 2018

7,167 Views 177 Posts

School for the Gifted//OPEN//ATJ

Last post by SpectrumHandsome

Created By SpectrumHandsome on June 05, 2018

564 Views 8 Posts

The Peculiars.

Last post by ReptileLover101

Created By LovelyJubbly on April 28, 2017

3,154 Views 69 Posts

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Roleplay Wars [ATJ, REVIVED]

Last post by SnowflakeAngelKitten

Created By Jomeimei on August 06, 2014

10,237 Views 13 Posts
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Rules and Regulations. How to Chat + Post on Kidzworld!

Last post by Jordan

Created By Jordan on May 09, 2012

8,520 Views 1 Post

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